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JP magazine sales, average per-issue, 2007

Full figures for each genre are below the cut. Starred values are estimates by the industry group rather than official numbers.

Genre Title Circulation
Boys' Weekly Boys' Jump 2778750
Boys' Weekly Boys' Magazine 1871771
Boys' Monthly Boys' Magazine 969250
Boys' Weekly Boys' Sunday 935729
Boys' Corocoro Comic 932500

Genre Title Circulation
Mens' Young Magazine 981229
Mens' Weekly Young Jump 967250
Mens' Big Comic Original 859333
Mens' Big Comic 551458
Mens' Weekly Manga Goraku* 500000

Genre Title Circulation
Niche Weekly Famitsu* 500000
Niche V Jump 265000
Niche Famitsu PLAYSTATION+* 250000
Niche Famitsu DS+Wii 176334
Niche Dengeki Nintendo DS* 160000

Genre Title Circulation
Girls' Chao 982834
Girls' Nakayoshi 400000
Girls' Ribbon 376666
Girls' Extra Margaret 320000
Girls' Flower and Dream 283541

Genre Title Circulation
Womens' Cookie 200000
Womens' YOU 194791
Womens' BE-LOVE 194333
Womens' Kiss 167600
Womens' Chorus 162916

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